Organic winemaking incorporates more than ever the holistic thinking and action. This means to let nature’s ways occur with just very soft guidance and the least amount of intervention. This expresses the essence of organic winemaking. It is more than the total exclusion of chemical sprays. The removal of chemical-synthetic applications means giving an extra focus on the vineyards. Nature provided the plants with everything to protect themselves. All the winemaker’s actions should help develop these self protection mechanisms. A well aerated canopy and prophylactic measure with limited doses of sulphur and copper will hinder any development of fungal diseases. Focussed integration of varying cover crop in and around the vineyards reduces the risks of soil erosion and keeps nutrients in an equilibrium. In addition these plants help to attract insects, which themselves develop into helpful ecosystems, further reducing pests. The vine not only grows out of the soil, it also grows from the sun downwards.

„Only organically treated soils live and can provide the basis for a functioning ecosystem.”

An organically treated soil is alive and is the source for the functioning of the ecosystem in the vineyards. Just as every variety or vineyard has its characteristic traits, every soil has its individual taste. It develops over years and is something indigenous, that is immediately destroyed through the use of chemicals. The winemaker has the exciting mission to find and develop these traits. This is the only way how wines with individuality, personality, depth, and longevity can occur – products that will give lasting pleasure. We also have the task to preserve the wonders of soil and nature.

„The many years of intense care and observation of our vineyards are the cornerstone for a healthy wineproduction for generations to come.”

Organic viticulture and winemaking is the most demanding production method: “Have I executed all the essential steps at the right time?” The least delay can easily result in drastic traces throughout the vintage. Organic winemaking doesn’t provide a parachute – there are no remedies, once something went wrong.