“We are proud of our vineyards because each vineyard is the basis for the authenticity of our wines.”

The single vineyards:

Rotenpüllen (Alluvial soil with löss and clay)

Steinberg (Alluvial soil with lime and loam)

Holy Mountain (Loam and clay, high content of humus and lime)

Erdpress (High in humus content, loam and lime)

Heiligen Berg am Pfarracker  (Alluvial soils with limey sandstone, loam with humus)

The basic vineyards – our classic growths grow here:

                 Eben am Berg (Alluvial soil, loam, lime and clay)

                Hoferthal (Loam, clay and black earth)

                Satz (Loam and clay, black earth)

                Sandgrube (Sandstone and loam)

We enjoy watching and working on our soils. It’s a challenge that can be mastered with a lot of experience and feeling.  We are continually impressed how diverse the soils and the microclimate conditions are and how they transfer into a distinct terroir expression in our wines.

Variety ratio:

White: 40% Grüner Veltliner > 20% Sauvignon Blanc > 10% Riesling > 1% Traminer

Red: 10% Zweigelt > 10% Sankt Laurent > 3% Pinot Noir > 4% Cabernet Sauvignon > 2% Blauburger