The following wines were rewarded:

90 Biohof Pratsch 2009 Rotenpüllen Grüner Veltliner (Niederösterreich);

A full-bodied wine, layering delicious apricot and pear fruits with lemon zest and an apple skin texture. With a great bite of acidity, this is a ripe yet also mineral wine. Screwcap.

89 Biohof Pratsch 2009 Steinberg Reserve Grüner Veltliner (Niederösterreich);

A powerful, spicy and wood-aged wine, this is opulent, rounded, generous. The weight does overpower some Grüner character, although there is a pepper edge as a reminder.

88 Biohof Pratsch 2009 Sandgrube Grüner Veltliner (Weinviertel);

Warm style of wine, with a light prickle on the palate, the spice as well as the green fruit making it classic Grüner. Delicious, soft, open, while still refreshingly textured. Screwcap.

90 Biohof Pratsch 2008 Baron Cuvée (Niederösterreich);

An interesting blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and St Laurent, the wine has good intensity of flavor, with dense tannins and a solid structure. It is just showing a smoky flavor to go with the juicy black fruit. Age for 2–3 years. Screwcap.

85 Pratsch 2009 Riesling Selektion – Lange Riede (Niederösterreich);

Perfumed, light and crisp, a Riesling that offers white fruits, floral and mineral character along with the freshest acidity. The finish is attractively refreshing. Screwcap.

85 Biohof Pratsch 2009 Hoferthal Sauvignon Blanc (Niederösterreich);

Very perfumed, this Sauvignon Blanc is soft and round, warm in character, with lemon and yellow fruit flavors giving richness. The acidity shows slowly, and lingers attractively. Screwcap.

84 Biohof Pratsch 2010 Grüner Veltliner (Niederösterreich); 1 L

A deliciously fresh wine, bright with grapefruit, green apple and white berry acidity. It is light, fruity, with a definite zing to the palate. To drink this summer. Screwcap.

84 Biohof Pratsch 2009 Zweigelt (Niederösterreich); 1 L

Very soft, light and easy red, just spiced, full of red cherry fruits and acidity. A great summer red. Screwcap.