Falstaff Winner - 1st place Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix 2024

Wine by S. Pratsch

Falstaff Winner - 1st place Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix 2024

28 June 2024: Austria's best classic Grüner Veltliner comes from Hohenruppersdorf/NÖ/Weinviertel

Stefan Pratsch wins the 31st Falstaff Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix 2024 (Classic)

We are delighted that our Grüner Veltliner Matznerhügel has emerged as the winner of this year's Falstaff Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix. Our award-winning masterpiece is a classic, peppery Veltliner with silver reflections and a delicate flavour of mango and tropical fruit. With its elegant freshness and fine minerality, it is particularly light-bodied. This makes it not only an ideal accompaniment to Austrian and international cuisine, but also perfect for summer days.
As one of the 40 highest-rated classic Grüner Veltliners at the regional wine tasting, it stood out as the winning wine in the Falstaff final - and thus points the way for the coming years.

Our organic winery Wine by S. Pratsch is located in Hohenruppersdorf, a picturesque wine village in the southern Weinviertel, where we have been cultivating our vines according to organic guidelines for over 30 years. The romantic hilly landscape of our region has been home to Austria's best Veltliners for generations. Our Grüner Veltliner captures the warming sun of the Weinviertel and binds the minerality of the deep, water-retaining soil on which it grows. The constant fresh breeze gives this typical Austrian wine its special character.

Due to our strong export orientation (~ 90%), the award-winning Grüner Veltliner Matznerhügel is mainly enjoyed outside Austria. For a short time, however, it is now also available in Austria - just visit our online shop at www.pratsch.at/shop.

If you wish, you can also taste the winning wine daily between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in our newly opened Vi[no]trine directly at the winery. In addition to classic wines, we also offer single-vineyard and reserve wines as well as natural wines. We also offer a selection of regional delicacies, which you can enjoy in the new tasting room.