the winemaker

Stefan Pratsch in the vineyard organic farming

born in 1985

his vocation:

Early on it became clear that Stefan Pratsch would take over the parental winery. After a solid theoretical education at the viticultural school in Mistelbach, he got to know the practice in his parents’ traditional business. Then it was time to find his own path and perfect it…


the vineyards

since 30 years - organic

Stefan Pratsch’s current winery was created by bringing together two wine-growing families in Hohenruppersdorf that have been anchored together for generations.

The conversion to organic farming was an important step on the way to modernity.

Today, on about 20 hectares of own land – these wines are identified by the (S) in the “WINE BY S. PRATSCH" logo - as well as on vineyards (approx. 30 hectares) operated by contractual partners, wine is cultivated at the highest level.

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The result is grapes with the potential for great wines.

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Stefan Pratsch in the vineyard with grapes

knitting in

As soon as the shoots that emerge from the ...

bottling Sauvignon Blanc

The new Sauvignon Blanc 2023 is ...



Stefan's daily routine

As a winegrower, there is a variety of tasks to be done.  

Here you will always find the latest news about what is going on in the vineyard or the wine cellar.
Enjoy reading and following.

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Soil in the vineyard organic farming

organic since 1990

his roots

The organic cultivation of the vineyards was introduced by Willi Pratsch already 30 years ago.

This method of cultivation is rewarded with healthy soils and vigorous vines as a prerequisite for wines of the highest quality. From carefully thriving grapes, gentle processes are used to produce wines that are free of residues of chemical pesticides. This is how viticulture is practiced today, because the varied nature and the cultural landscape of the Weinviertel must be protected for future generations.

With the “ESTATE GROWN” stamp on the label of the site wines, the organic processing of the respective own sites has been guaranteed for more than 25 years.

Single Vineyard Plaque

for many generations

the vineyards

Each vineyard has its own unmistakable character. Whether Rotenpüllen, Steinberg, Erdpress, Kittel, Heiligenberg or the Pfarracker am Heiligenberg – the soil, the location and the sun contribute to this unmistakable taste. 

Stefan Pratsch in the vineyard
Barrique cellar from Wine by S. Pratsch

the time

1902 and 2024

the wine cellar

Technology is also used in organic winegrowing – because only in this way the aromas of the grapes can be preserved and anchored in the wine.

Strict temperature control at all stages of vinification and modern hygiene standards in the wine cellar are the prerequisites for wines of the highest quality, which allow for unadulterated enjoyment.

Historic wine cellars with natural temperature control are ideal for storing the deep wines in wooden barrels. Fine, light white wines are matured on the lees in steel tanks to reach perfection.

Finally, the estate own high-tech bottling plant enables the perfect completion of the wines.