Falstaff Winner - 1st place Grüner Veltliner Grand Prix 2024

Wine by S. Pratsch


In the middle of the cold season - usually in January, when the vines go dormant for the winter - we prune the vines. Thanks to modern technology, this work step is made considerably easier: The vines are shortened to different lengths using electric shears. Attention is paid to the number of so-called "eyes", i.e. the places where the leaf shoots will sprout later: The old vine forms the centre, while after pruning both an arch to the left and an arch to the right remain. The pruned vines are removed from the wire structure and collected in the centre of the vineyard rows, where we later chop them up with the mulcher. Although we are often exposed to very adverse conditions when pruning (cold, wind, fog, etc.), this work also gives us plenty of time to think and reflect on life.

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