Wine by S. Pratsch

Forbes award Rosé

Rosé is as popular as ever, and in the stressful world we now find ourselves in, this playful, pretty style of wine is the perfect choice for many reasons. Jim Laughren, certified wine educator and author of "50 Ways to Love Wine More", explains: "Rosé is easy to enjoy; no one needs a so-called mature palate. Rosé is a food wine par excellence; no one needs rules or advice on wine pairing. Just chill, pour and enjoy. And probably ... repeat".
In other words, don't think too much about it. We all have enough to think about these days.

There's a world of rosé to choose from, and while Provence, France, is still the global standard for style, Laughren notes that "now the shelves are increasingly filled with examples from the Loire, the Rhone Valley, Spain, Italy, Austria, Chile, Napa and New York. We're seeing rosé from varieties ranging from Malbec to Zweigelt to Negroamaro, and, new on the scene, rosé cider and even rosé beer."

Pratsch Organic Rosé 2019 (Lower Austria, Austria)
This organic rosé was a fan favourite for its playful watermelon, strawberry and peach notes and a gentle hint of fizz on the palate. Crisp, dry and playful, like a soft berry ice cream on the palate. € 8.50

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